Get the most and reward your followers and customers

Frictionless software that lets you monetize the digital profile of your followers and customers, as well reward them while using their smartphone and computer.

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White label software

We develop custom software solutions tailored to your brand that make it possible to extract much more value from your followers and customers.


Build a gamified relationship without disturbing daily habits, improving reach and communication.


Users earn points to redeem for rewards.


Access to unique and relevant data


Multiple sources of revenue that allow to monetize in a non-intrusive, consented and fun way.

New Audiences

Reach and communicate with exclusively digital audiences

Acquisition and retention

Sell services and products to more people and more often.

White label web browser


Fast and convenient registration and login

  • Networks
  • Email
  • Phone number

The start page can be fully customizable with communication, advertising and information tools.

  • Ads Slider
  • Search Bar
  • Shortcut icons
  • News feed
  • Odds feed
  • Etc

Users earn points by performing simple and fun tasks

  • Invite friends
  • Install apps
  • Answer surveys
  • Daily check-in
  • Etc

It is in the store that users will consult the various possibilities they have to use their points to purchase discounts and exclusive offers.

  • Your offers
  • 3rd party offers

Area where the user manages his profile. Profile fields are customizable according to the important data to collect.

  • Personal Data
  • Interests
  • Etc

Available on iOS, Android, Desktop and Chrome/Firefox extensions

The web browser is available for all platforms you use in your daily life.

Applify - App Landing HTML Template

Admin Panel

A powerful admin panel to manage and know everything.

  • Data and Insights
  • Advertising Management
  • Estimated Revenue
  • Reward Management
Applify - App Landing HTML Template